I know this is the panel you're all dying to see...

I will be moderating and participating on the "Why We Love the Prequels" panel.

"Why We Love the Prequels" is 10:30-11:30 on Sunday, August 26th, on the Behind the Scenes Stage with Pablo Hidalgo.

"Why We Love the Prequels" is a discussion of Episodes 1-3 in a positive light, with panelists sharing their perspectives on their place in the Star Wars Saga. From Darth Maul to Darth Vader and all points in between, learn what we love about the Prequels and why they should be held in the high esteem they deserve. Any questions about why you should like the prequels will be answered!

Panelists include:

Bryan Young - Author, Filmmaker, and Star Wars Journalist
Kyle Newman - Director of Fanboys
Tom Hodges - Star Wars Artist
Pablo Hidalgo - Star Wars Writer and Expert
Jesse Hildreth - Senior Lighter on The Clone Wars
Eric Geller - TheForce.Net and Suvudu

We're still working on a couple of other surprise celebrity panelists, so we'll have an announcement on them as soon as possible.

The panel was so popular at Celebration V that they saw fit to put us in an even larger room.

We're all excited to see you there!

You can read the report and see pictures from the original panel here!

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