Sony handed out the details on software update 1.8 for the Vita via Gamescom and the Playstation Blog. If you ask me these updates are long overdue, and will give me functionality I've been begging for since day one. Well, not all the functionality just the first portion.

PS One Classics

That's right folks, no more playing your PS One Classics via remote play (which I thought was pretty cool on its own. The games will be downloadable directly to your Vita, greatly expanding the library of available software. You will also be able to access the menu through the system, and take screen shots of gameplay.

Playstation Plus

That's right folks, along with the major online game save updates to plus. 1 gig of online storage to be exact. Vita owners will be able to utilize their plus subscriptions by the end of the year. This is a huge win for those on the Vita train. Now you can utilize your content on both consoles? Thanks Sony!

Cross Controller

With the new update the Vita will be useable as a controller in select PS3 games. Little Big Planet 2 is a definite yes, and I'm sure there will be many games down the road with that same support. Using the Vita as a cross controller will give you the ability to use the Six-Axis, touch screen, and cameras. Gamers will access the cross controller by initiating remote play from their Vita, and selecting the cross controller option.


You will be able to control the PS3's Video, Music, and homescreen from the Vita.

The Rest

MPO format photos will now be supported and can be transferred from the PS3 or PC using content manager.

Group messaging will receive interface enhancements as well as the ability to upload photos.

Maps is receiving UI enhancements, including search for location and search for directions buttons. As well as the ability to place flags on user locations.

"near" will now be able to upload and download data at wifi locations without official connections and can then update the information later.

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