It is great fun to watch episodes like this based loosely on my favorite movies. This episode was very much a kids version of The Guns of Navarone, with Obi-Wan cast as a much less surly Gregory Peck and instead of David Niven and Anthony Quinn, his team is comprised of clone troopers who aren't as interesting personality wise, but still cool, to be sure.

Now that Anakin has broken the blockade, Generals Kenobi and Windu must make planetfall and secure the capital in order to free the Twi'leks from their Separatist captors. Unfortunately, they've placed massive proton guns that shoot the Republics gunships right out of the sky. In order to pull off the attack, Obi-wan and his men must trudge through enemy lines and disable the guns.

The single largest complication is that the droids in command of the guns outpost have ordered all the Twi'leks in the surrounding villages tied up and placed in the gun embankment for use as living shields.

Despite the grim description I've given you, this was actually a very lighthearted and tender episode, thanks in large part to two clones who find a Twi'lek child, separated from her family.

It was great to see Clones with distinct and different personalities arguing and being total action heroes. It was also great to see them fighting against those bug-like creatures, the Gutkurrs. I also really liked the moment where the Droid Commander realizes that General Kenobi is in charge of this operation and says to himself, "General Kenobi is known for his deceptive maneuvers." It's great that he's got that reputation.

This was a very good episode (though I think I like last weeks a little better) and I've got a feeling that next week's is going to be best. I think my biggest complaint with this episode though, was that it simply wasn't long enough. I would be more than happy for them to extend each episode to a full hour. They could have done a lot more cool Guns of Navarone homage with the extra time.

They also ran a promo about Cad Bane and they're building him up to be quite a tough customer and I can't wait to see what he's all about.

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