There were a googly amount of comics this week. A few of the new Marvel NOW! #1's came out, there was a veritable Joker-fest in the bat-books. Meanwhile, Amazing Spider-Man starts it's road to #700 and the wrap-up to that series, and DC's Teen books continue to be well... interesting to say the least. So, let's get in depth (or as in depth as off the cuff/snarky gut reactions tend to be) with this week's comics, shall we?

All New X-Men #1: This book has an incredibly interesting set-up. Pull the original X-Men to today's time to hopefully fix how &^%*-up Cyclops has become. It has the potential to go all pear shaped, but I'll keep picking it up for a while, and from a non X-fan like me, that's glowing praise.

Fantastic Four #1:  The jury is still out for me on this one. It doesn't feel like a #1 issue, and so far, it just feels like Matt Fraction is continuing Hickman's FF run. This is probably just a transitional thing. Also, there is a giant gaffe in this issue. The FF's uniforms are made of unstable molecules, not the FF themselves.

Thor God of Thunder #1: I never thought that you'd be able to weave a whodunnit story into a Thor tale.  Also, Gorr the God Butcher is a fantastic name for a character. I'm not usually into Asgardian stuff, but I'm going to continue to pick this up.

Batman #14: I don't think the Joker looks intimidating with his flesh mask at all. The Joker doesn't tend to copy other people's shtick, so that doesn't work for me. However, the kidnapping of Alfred and subsequent revelation as to why he kidnapped Alfred is very compelling.

Batman and Robin #14: I love that this books shows that even though Damien is a vicious and petulant little 10-year-old, he also loves and cares about his Bat-dad. The Joker stuff isn't as blatantly obvious in other books this week, but that works to its favor, I think.

Batgirl #14: This issue doesn't make total sense to me. With the revelations in Batman #14, and the fact that Batgirl has such a sordid history with the Joker, why the heck does he want to be her "bride"? I guess things will become clearer, but I just dunno about this book.

Suicide Squad #14: If you bought this issue for the Harley stuff, prepare to be disappointed.  The main focus of the issue is the fallout from the previous arc. Other than that, not much going on this issue.

Amazing Spider-Man #697: More Hobgoblin hubbub ensues this issue. I don't know what the future will bring when Spidey gets relaunched, but I hope we don't lose great supporting characters like Max Modell. Also, Doc Ock is coming back... again. At this point he's nearly a dessicated husk. I hope Marvel NOW! restores him to his former bowl-cut glory.

The Walking Dead #104: Carl is a sneaky, possibly homicidal bastard, but he fights for what he believes in, and that makes him our sneaky, possibly homicidal bastard!

Green Lantern Corps #14: The Guardians aare super-manipulative and pretty much trick Guy Gardner into giving up his ring. It's like all the time that people over the years that the Guardians are unrepentant dicks is pretty much culminating here.

Demon Knights #14: Still one of my favorite New 52 books. I especially like this version of Etrigan/Jason Blood. The twists and turns this book makes always keeps me coming back, and this issue is no exception.

Venom #27: Ugh. I used to really enjoy this book, it was an intriguing look at an old character and the least annoying version of a symbiote ever. Now, we're in the microverse against a million Carnages, the most annoying symbiote ever. Um, way to go, comic.

Superboy #14: I hate stories where stuff happens to the main character that we're supposed to know and those stories haven't been published yet. Still, this is a fresh take on the Bizarro concept, even if it only goes as far as a backwards S. Also, at this point, wouldn't Superman want to investigate someone raising hell while wearing his symbol?

Legion Lost #14: Oh, so this is the story that fills in the blanks of Superboy. The old-schooler in me like the concept of Superboy & the Legion, but this is just an insane mish mash of never-to-be answered secrets and waaaaay too many characters. I love the Legion, but I won't miss this (now canceled) book.

Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #14: Speaking of canceled books, this one I will miss. Even though it's tying in with Rotworld, which I haven't been reading, it's still an issue full of Franeknstein's monster fighting giant monsters with cool gadgets all over the world! Going to miss this book.

Invincible #97: I found the reactions of Zandale/Bulletproof's heartfelt confession to his parents to be completely unrealistic, but not as much as what happens after. Then we get an interlude with a character that represents comic writers every where, and it was just an odd non sequitur.  But hey, at least Invincible can have zero-G sex again!

Star Trek TNG Doctor Who Assimilation #7: This issue was pretty much the Doctor's show. The TARDIS arrives at the battle of Wolf 359 and... nothing happens. Then, we run into a whole mess of Cybermen. This is definitely a book for fan of both series, I don't think it'd appeal to anyone else.

Atomic Robo - Flying She-Devils of the Pacific #4: A group of post-WWII Japanese soliders conspire to use an earthuaake bomb inspired by Nikola Tesla to get revenge on the US until a group of female pilots in jetpacks swoop in to save the day. What. Is. Not. To. Like!?

Arrow #6 (digital exclusive): Arrow teams up with Dig to break up a child prostitution ring. This comic feels like the show in a good way, and Mike Grell never disappoints on art. Why did it take me so long to start buying this?

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