We've been without a VGQH for a while, but it's been slow on the newsfront so you haven't missed much. It's still slow, so today's edition will be fairly short as well.

Deathstroke was officially announced for Injustice: Gods Among Us last week. He's Deathstroke, he's awesome, and he's in the game. Not much more to say. His inclusion should hint at Darkseid being confirmed eventually. I'm thinking he'll be the Shang Tsung of this one. The game is scheduled for April 2013.

If you've been anticipating Capcom's return to a favorite franchise with Darkstalkers Resurrection, you're about to be disappointed. It's still coming, but its XBLA/PSN release has been pushed back from February 7th to March 14th.

Get your salt shaker, because this rumor may require more than just a pinch. A Level Designer from EA Shanghai recently updated their LinkedIn page with the new that Dragon Age III will be delayed to 2014 and is now being developed for next-gen consoles. However, English is clearly the poster's second language and there may be some information that was lost in translation. In support of this rumor, EA never announced the systems for the game, simply that it was being developed. Personally, I've speculated it was a next-gen title all along. As for the shift to 2014, whether it's fiscal or calendar year could make all the difference in whether this is an actual delay.

Still have that salt shaker handy? Many gamers are claiming to have recently participated in a survey from Ubisoft focusing on the future of the Assassin's Creed franchise. Ubisoft has used surveys like these in the past, as recently as the development of Assassin's Creed III. A few notable questions hint at what might be in store for the series, though I must admit to having know idea what to make of them asking about Uncharted 3.

  • "If it was to become available next year, how likely are you to purchase the next Assassin’s Creed game?"

  • "On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your overall experience with the game Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (PS3)?"

  • "...possibility for a friend to join the game in order to help me at any time during the solo mode." Possible answers for this were "Not interested," "Nice to have," and "Must-have."

Hang on, don't put that salt down yet. (This is what happens when news is slow, rumors become reportable.) After Guillermo del Toro's inSANE was dropped by Volition and THQ through their recent disturbances, hope for the game has basically dwindled. Until now. Del Toro has reportedly been shopping the planned trilogy to new developers and has gotten a bite. This rumor is so vague as to not even have a name for who might have picked it up. But, the filmmaker has chops and any chance to see him bring the mind that created Pan's Labyrinth to the game world has me hopeful.

Back to the facts, the retail edition of Telltale's The Walking Dead has been postponed. It was supposed to be releasing today, but has been held back a week to the 11th. The five individual episodes are available for $5 each from PSN, XBLA, and multiple PC download services. A season pass is also available for $25. The retail version will be $30 for the standard kit, or $60 for a collector's edition with the 48 issues of Robert Kirkman's comic. And, in case you don't already know, this game is amazing. There are some framerate issues and other odd glitches, but for interactive storytelling Telltale has definitely maintained this franchise's tradition of triple-A quality. Buy it however works best for you, but buy it.

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