Today’s graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns, written by Frank Miller.

This book is certainly worth reading over and over again.

Based 10 years after Batman first retires, crime in the city makes him put the cowl back on. One of my favorite aspects to this story is that Batman actually does create super villains, as he reduces crime, posing the question, which is worse?

One of the best sequences of panels? It seems as though Joker has been sane for the duration of Batman's retirement, but as he sees him back in action on the television, you can actually see him going crazy again.

I like Frank Millers gloomy future, and what Batman has to do to protect Gotham in this future.

The first two books are mainly Batman Vs. The Mutants. The Mutants are a group of mutilated, militant teenagers. Their leader challenges Batman and a radical battle ensues that includes the use of a tank. The third book has some really cool Joker stuff, in which Batman paralyzes Jokers ass. The last book has a really epic nuclear explosion, which leads into combat with Superman. This books story is told in a very unique way, where about half the panels are news broadcasts. Batman is about the hardest ass he has ever been, and his inner monologue is insanely well written.

I can safely recommend this book to everyone.

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