Netflix is making waves with all sorts of news about their upcoming original series, including releasing a trailer for Eli Roth's horror thriller Hemlock Grove, news for Arrested Development, and we're fast approaching a premiere date for David Fincher's/ Kevin Spacey's House of Cards, which I am incredibly looking forward to.

Let's start with the trailer, shall we?


I'm sure fans  of Eli Roth will definitely tune into this, which looks creepy as hell (and a little bit sexy). While horror is not generally up my alley, I must admit that anything that has a coal fired power plant as a backdrop certainly gives me the heebie jeebies. Best news? When the show premieres on April 19, all of the episodes will be available to stream at once. No waiting week to week. You get it all. Gives a new meaning to Netflix "Instant Watch," doesn't it?

Second, in just a few weeks, Feb 1, House of Cards will premiere. This political drama, based on a BBC drama, is helmed by David Fincher and Beau Willimon (The Ides of March), who take many of the directing and writing duties, respectfully, for the show. The drama revolves around a Congressman (creepily played by Spacey) attempting to win his way to the top of the Washington ladder. Again, all 13 episodes will land on the same day. Translation: I know where I'll be the weekend of Feb 1-3.

To be blunt, in order for us to continue to get original programming from Netflix, this has to work. So support it if you want more. To me, this looks slightly less addictive than meth.

But, and the thing we all care the most about, The Bluths are coming back. At this week's Television Critics Association Press Tour, Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz and the rest of the cast confirm we'll be getting all 14 episodes at once in May. Hurwitz not only said that Netflix has encouraged the kind of complexity that had been discouraged in the show's original run. And because all 14 episodes will be released at once, you could watch them in order, but viewers should think of the episodes more like tracks on an album or a choose your own adventure book. Michael (Jason Bateman) will be the only character who appears in each episode, during which they will each track down one of the major cast members and find out what they've been up to in recent year. They also strongly hinted these should be seen as a prequel to a coming film-- one which has not yet been confirmed.

Again, if you want the film, you better support this. If you want more Arrested Development, people will need to put their money where their collective internet fanboy mouths are.

All of this is good news. As excited as I am, what do the rest of you robots think about this? Knowing you can watch the new Arrested Development episodes out of order, which character will you want to catch up with first? I'm going with GOB. Or maybe Tobias.

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