Skylander's success had to be followed with something, and what better to do so than a world that already has thousands of characters loved by everyone. Today Disney announced Infinity which will release this June. The game will be feature sandbox style game play and looks to have level creation in the works as well. Characters will enter the game through a "portal" like device that the figure will connect to. The characters seem to be mainly out of Pixar productions thus far and seem to include: Jack Skellington, Woody, Buzz, Sully, Mike Wizowsky, Mr. Incredible, members of the Cars cast, and even Captain Jack Sparrow and more.

The Characters of Infinity

If this hits anything like Skylander's I already see madness ensuing. Limited edition figures available only at Disney Stores, or at Disney Land during certain seasons, level creation tools and pieces through on line promos, and millions of children raiding Gamestops and Toys 'R Us alike. Who said that Skylander's wasn't on to something?

Trailer below

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