This Month’s Podcast Features:

Zombietron (Tom), Kill-tacular-tron (Lucas), Arse-Bot (Tyson), Mexicus Prime (Jimmy), and Vagatron (Kiley)

It's the first episode of the Big Shiny Podcast of the new year!

In this installment, the guys list off their favorite geek gifts they received over the holidays and their favorite movies released over the same time.

On a more serious note, over what was many people's holiday vacation, the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary occured. The guys touch on the fallout from this horrific event that has once again started the conversations about violence in video games and movies, and even sparked some planned burnings of violent media.

In the second half of the podcast, Zombietron chats a little about CES, Arse-bot gets angry that he can't play Ingress on iOS, Vagatron and Kill-tacular-tron talk some Amazing Spider-Man #700, and Mexicus Prime talks about inappropriate topics as usual.

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