I've been incredibly public with my anxiety over a lack of an announcement concerning the sixth season of The Clone Wars. Because of my public concern, I've been getting messages pointing me to hopeful signs.

This evening I was directed to this Facebook posting on the Everything Star Wars fanpage that purports to be a communication between Patrick, the admin of the Facebook page, and a customer service representative of Disney XD concerning the fate of The Clone Wars. Here is the contents of that letter:

Hey Patrick,

Thank you for your e-mail. Here @ Disney XD, it is always a pleasure to hear from our cool fans and to address any questions they may have.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is expected to move to Disney XD sometime in 2013 due to the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney. Currently, we do not have a date for the show to air on our network. As soon as we do, it will be advertised on our website.

I hope this information helps.

If you have any further questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or toll free at 1-800-893-4862. A Customer Care Representative is available to take your call Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm EST, and Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm EST.

Take care,

Brandon @ Family

I haven't been able to verify this. I understand it's after hours, but I can't even get that 800 number to ring. Google says it's a number for Disney Junior in Canada, which makes it at least slightly legitimate. Messages to the admin of the Facebook page for confirmation have thus far gone unanswered.

But even if this message did get confirmed, it's no confirmation of the fate of The Clone Wars. What are the chances some random Customer Service Representative has inside knowledge about the inner-workings of Disney's overall strategy for the Star Wars brand. This could be a guy who thinks he knows what's going on and really doesn't.

Another person directed me to Eric Goldman's interview with Dave Filoni about working on a trailer for The Clone Wars, presumably for Season Six.

IGN: And all there had been at that point were quick clips shown at conventions earlier that summer for her to even base the unmasked look on.

Filoni: That’s absolutely right. Hey, never question the ability of our fans to catch the details. The smallest thing, the smallest problems -- if a padawan braid is on the wrong side of the head in one shot, for one frame, they will catch it. We were just watching a trailer of something we’re going to put out for Clone Wars, and I was like, “Oh, see that there? That would give something away.” They’re like, “But it’s two frames!” I’m like, “No. No, trust me. They’ll see it. The fans will see it. They know. The Star Wars fans are the best, most accurate. They will find it out.” And I love it.

And while that certainly indicates they are working on the next season, it isn't exactly breaking news. We've known this. By all accounts they're working on season seven or eveneight. That was never the issue. The issue is that there has been no confirmation that season six is going to air on television. Cartoon Network has it absent of its lineup and Disney has remained mum on plans.

So, while these signs might seem hopeful, they are far from confirmation of any sort.

When there is confirmation in an official capacity, I will be the first to shout from the hilltops.

UPDATE: I received word from the Facebook page that posted the original email. They forwarded me the email they were sent and it was, indeed, legitimate. But from Disney XD's representatives in Canada. The email came from Astral.Com's customer care. They're the broadcaster of Disney XD in Canada. The Facebook admin sent his request through the Canadian Disney XD site and this is the official response he received. Again, this still isn't a confirmation. Like I said, what are the chances of a random customer service representative having inside info about the future of The Clone Wars beyond the speculation already on the Internet?

I'm working tirelessly to get a certain answer. Until then, this issue is going to tie me up in knots.

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