Latino-Review announced on the latino imprint of Fox News that they have exclusive information that Harrison Ford is back to be Han Solo.

Here's the video, and a transcript of the scoop:

El Mayimbe: Back in November, Harrison Ford said he was open to the idea of returning as Han Solo. Well, it's official. Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Han Solo in the new Star Wars movies.

Fox Anchor: Which is a big deal...

El Mayimbe: That is huge.

El Mayimbe said that he double and triple checked his confirmations from legitimate sources. He then implied the deal is done, formalities are all that's left, then an announcement.

I'll be honest, I generally trust reports from Latino-Review, they have a good track record. What I'm not comfortable with are reports based solely on "unnamed sources." Especially when Star Wars is so big and so many outlets report so much bad information because they can't consider the source or seem to tell fact from fiction.

If Harrison Ford is back though, I'm very happy about this. I know I've been a big proponent of the idea that Han should have died in Return of the Jedi, but that's not what happened. These movies are what's happening.

I can already hear devotees of the Expanded Universe seeing a movie with Han Solo and screaming about how he'd do things differently in the books, but the books are moot at this point.

We'll see how this develops. If an announcement happens, we'll be there.

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