Sad to say, but I found tonight's episode to be the most groan-worthy of the season so far, right down to the title. Even a bad episode of "Supernatural" is pretty fun, but this one does not have a high re-watch factor for me.

Sam and Dean are called to aid an old ally who has since become a he-witch. James, once a non-witch cop, has been having terrible dreams in which he cold blood murders some random folk. His doberman familiar/hot girlfriend reaches out to the Brothers Winchester to ease what she believes is only a case of the heebie-jeebies but turns out to be so much more. James is having memories planted in his head, he's being tracked by a jealous fellow cop, and his bestie turns out to be the wicked witch.

The Good:

Jensen Ackless's comedic acting is always a treat. The jokes might have been a little easy this episode, but his reaction to learning that witch and familiar are intimate was the highlight of the episode. I felt that a couple of tributes were thrown in: The music in the witch bar was pleasantly reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti, and the final he-witch battle was like two young Palpatines throwing blue lightning at each other. Also, a really nice subtle FX on Spencer's familiar. The effects this season have been a great improvement, especially when they are used with a light touch.

The shrugworthy:

This episode was downright predictable. As I have mentioned, I am not the girl who figures out the plot twist, but from Spencer's first appearance I had him pegged as the big bad. Phillipe LeChat? Is a cat? Guh. There was some character regression as well. Dean's drinking the hard stuff, snaps to sudden judgments about their friend because of his involvement with the dark arts, and Sam immediately reverted to his inferiority complex when Dean questioned his welfare. He's not worried you'll fail Sam, he's worried about your horrible painful death and eternity in Hell if you fail. There's a big difference. It was a return to the frustrations of season seven, and nobody wants that.

The SAY WHA?!!?

Why is Sam coughing up blood? Why is Sam coughing up blood and hiding it? It was a great cliffhanger on a mediocre episode.

The awesome:

The preview for next week. Olympians and Titans and hunters, oh my!

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