While I didn't get the battle royale between Olympians and Titans that I had initially hoped for, I did get a pretty good stand-alone episode of Supernatural, a fun addition to the villain cannon, and a chick with a bow and arrow.

The "meh":

Zeus had the potential to be an adversary on the same level as Death, as far as coolness factor goes. But now it's highly unlikely that we'll ever see him again, so I am a sad panda. I feel that opening the door for the Olympians to come in to play would have created so many opportunities for cross-season subplots, many stand alone episodes, or - had he lived - Zeus as a Big Bad in forthcoming seasons. Then again, I loved the Greek Gods like most kids loved dinosaurs, so it is completely possible that I am biased and everything I just mentioned would make for terrible shows.

I've been raving about the fight choreography this season, but tonight's battle between a Titan and an Olympian seemed a bit muddy, with too many cuts and some awkward angles that made it difficult to keep track of what was going on. I also felt that the cut used to disappear Artemis and Zeus was awkward, as it took time to realize that they had gone, rather than instantly knowing.

The Winchester-y:

Sam is still coughing up blood and hiding it. While I feel this is a giant regression (and at this point it's easy to chalk it up to writers who don't know how to mature their characters), I do feel this has a giant point that will be revealed in the next few episodes. Unfortunately, with the knowledge that the show has been renewed, it's not causing as much tension as I'm sure was intended. If we didn't know about season nine, we might really be worried that Sam isn't going to make it through the trials.

Also - did it really take eight years for Agents Bonham and Jones to make an appearance?


Hey, Sam - your nerd is showing. I love love LOVE how Sam's bookish traits are falling in to place, how they are being utilized in each episode since learning of their legacy, and how proud Sam seems to be of his new place in the hunters' world. Calling it a "new place" doesn't seem the right phrase... I think it's more like that sweatshirt at the back of your closet. You forgot it was there, but you put it on and it feels like home. Sam has found his sweatshirt.

Dean's quippery was in fine form in this episode. Maybe it was because of a lack of enjoyment in season seven, but it really seems like the writers and directors of season gr8 are playing to Jensen Ackles's strengths in a huge way. I do believe he has made me guffaw in almost every episode this season. This makes me really happy, because I think the reason I got hooked on the show in the first place was the combination of his comedic opportunities and pop culture references.

Also super fun? The twist on Greek classics. Artemis and Prometheus were a thing? Well, no. Not according to the myths that have been passed down. But the facts in books and the logic in Sam's character made the whole submersion plausible and nary a "pffft" crossed my mind. I didn't even care that Supernatural was taking my childhood nerdery and twisting it to fit a plot. Hell, I liked it.

And I think we can all agree on the absolute best part of the episode. The last segment. I keep raving about his comedy, but Ackles's drama is coming in to its own as well. And the show addressed what has been my biggest complaint: Not only has Cas been missing, but no one seemed too worried about it. But Dean actually prayed; he's vulnerable, and scared, and wants to be the big brother he thinks Sam needs. But John left, and then Bobbie, and who's left? Cas, but he's flown the coop and Dean has no one to look up to. Dean needs a rock as well, and it was amazing to finally see that portrayed.

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