Kill-tacular-tron has been a little too busy these last couple of weeks greasing his own gears (if you catch my meaning) to write up a pull list. So, being the preposterously dependable robot that I am, have agreed to fill in in this capacity for the next couple of weeks.

For one, expect more DC on the list. Why? I don't know.

So, onto the books in alphabetical order:

Batgirl #1 is something you should check out. We've written a couple of stories about it (like this one) andI'm not sure if it's going to be worth all 6 issues of the mini-series, but it's certainly worth the one.

Batman and the Outsiders #9 is something I want to read, just to finish up Chuck Dixon's run. I've been reading a lot of his older stuff lately for the Batman Graphic Novel Countdown and the man is as solid and consistent and a rock.

An obvious addition to this list is 1985 #3. You can read my review of it over here.

In case some of you missed it, Diamond is shipping reprints of Jeff Smith's RASL #1 today.

Sky Doll #3 hits streets today. We've been following this series pretty closely 'round these parts and it's been worth the wait.

X-Force #5 comes out today as well and that series has been pretty cool. At least to me. But I've been out of the Marvel Universe for a while and this was one of the first books I picked up to get back into it.

So, we'll see you next week.

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