Speaking to SciFi Now, Ian McDiarmid reiterated his desire to return to the screen as Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine.

He's love to see a tragic arc for Palpatine and see him in his own solo film or returning to the small screen:

“Yes, I’m sort of interested in any future development he might have,” admits McDiarmid. “Unfortunately, as you probably know, he died at the end of Episode VI, Vader sent him to cosmic hell so he’s not going to feature in any of the new Disney ones, I don’t think.

“On the other hand they’ve got lots of exciting ideas for spin-offs about separate characters and so on, and then there is the television series which George has talked about and decided to make into being for a number of years, and that takes place between Episodes III and IV when the Emperor is very much alive. So I think he probably does have a future."

This news shouldn't be surprising to any longtime readers of this space. Back in August we brought you a report about blatant intimations McDiarmid made during Star Wars Celebration VI.

I love the idea of Palpatine coming back with Ian McDiarmid reprising his role. I love the idea of the live action TV series and further exploring the purge of the Jedi. I love the idea of a Palpatine spin-off film.

Quite frankly, I just love the idea of more Star Wars, and if this is one way we get it and McDiarmid is on board, it's to all of our benefit. I'm generally bored by the Sith, but McDiarmid's Palpatine is a character I could watch reading the phone book.

[via Club Jade]

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