Way back when the Iron Man suit for Iron Man 3 was revealed - you know, the "mostly gold" one - it was noted that is was actually Tony's Mark XLVII (47) armor. The suit that Iron Man jumps into at the end of The Avengers is the Mark VII (7), so speculation began as to how Tony has arrived at Mark XLVII in Iron Man 3. One rumor was that the Mark XLVII controlled 39 other identical suits of armor, but with the reveal of each new trailer for Iron Man 3, it's apparent Tony has just been quite busy since the events in The Avengers.

Before we get into the six of these sets of armor that have been revealed, I have a theory about this - nothing too crazy, and I'm sure I'm not the only one to come to this conclusion. Judging by the trailers, I think the events of The Avengers spooked Stark a bit, and now add this to the fact that he is in a relationship with Pepper Potts with the feeling that he must always protect the woman he loves from those who would wish to destroy him, the "bad guys" out there have gotten in his head. So, in the time span since The Avengersto Iron Man 3 (however long that proves to be) Stark has become a bit obsessive about creating all types of armor to be prepared for any and all foreseeable threat that could materialize, creating his "Hall of Armor" - or as it has been reported that he lovingly refers to it as, "The Wine Cellar".

Personally, if this proves to be somewhat true, I like this direction. Tony Stark being knocked down a few pegs seems like the appropriate response following just barely saving the world.

In any case, we now know for a fact that Tony Start now has several different versions of armor at his disposal, and the official Iron Man facebook page has spent the last week or so revealing up-close looks at a few of these. They all look pretty awesome to me, and I like the idea of Tony having several different suits at his disposal in the films now since those of us who have ever read an Iron Man comic know, he's never been just a one woman suit of armor kind of guy. And he can call the Mark XXXVIII "Igor" all he wants, but I'm still maintaining it's the "Hulk Buster".

Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think of Tony's new armor!

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