Congress's most notorious tweeter (not a euphemism) is exploring running for Mayor of New York. Former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who you may recall resigned after tweeting a picture of his junk when, in reality, he had meant to send it in a private message to someone he met online.

And why shouldn't he run? Weiner, despite his personal faults, was an awesome Congressman in the opinion of this (very liberal) robot.

And so the usual gang of idiots over at MAD have given us the first campaign poster of his, err. . . "exploratory committee."

I love it. If we're going to be serious about running, we'll have to all get over the jokes, so we may as well get them all out now.

I know many of you conservo-bots don't like his politics, and that's fine. That's why you don't live in New York. But given the fact that State Senators are being arrested for bribery and campaign finance fraud trying to buy their way into the race, well, New York. . .you could do worse. And you have done worse. I kinda like Mike Bloomberg, but he's the very definition of a plutocrat and has done plenty throughout his three terms to piss off everyone, no matter their ideology. (It appears that the right to bear Big Gulps is, in fact, a bipartisan last straw-- pun intended) And better to elect a guy who once tweeted a picture of his d@#$ than a guy who was an actual d@#$ (Giuliani).

As someone who lived in NYC for several years while going to grad school, I approve. I approve of Weiner, I approve of the satire and snark that MAD has brought us. And I approve of MAD Magazine.

By the way, this month's issue features 50 Things We Hate About Cartoons and features a sendup of Adventure Time on the cover. See you in the funny papers, folks!

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