Lightning Gaming, is reporting that Bioshock Infinite's DLC may include a new AI counterpart to replace Elizabeth. Their sources for the news come from one of the developer's Linked In profiles. Michael Shahan a senior animator for Irrational Games lists his experience for Bioshock Infinite DLC 1 as follows:

Bioshock Infinite DLC1
• Cataloging of existing Bioshock animation assets and custom UDK implementation
• Creating cinematic and in-game motion capture asset tracking docs
• Providing animation and R&D for a new AI companion character
• Managing outsource animation from the 2K Australia Studio”

Based on the ending for Bioshock Infinite anything could be possible. The numerous amount of possibilities for the DLC could take us anywhere in the city in any matter of time lines. I doubt that Booker will have a new sidekick. If they go this route I could see them having a new Protagonist and Sidekick combo for an entirely differnet experience. Guess we'll have to wait to find out, what would you want to see? More story, or new characters?

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