Do you live inside of Steam like many of our bots? Do you buy games and find yourself wondering why your friends aren't jumping online to join you? Are you looking for people to game with regularly or simply socially, or even just for random groups when your usual party isn't online? Look no further internet friend, the Big Shiny Robot Steam Group is alive! There is a video below from Triscut of Doom showing you how to find the group and explaining it's goals, but for those that prefer pen to video I'll itemize it for you.

If you want to look at the group, you can find it HERE

There aren't many rules to our ragtag group of gamers, but those that exist are important.

  • 1: Be respectful

  • 2: Participate

  • 3: Have fun!! Gaming is fun, therefore you have to have fun playing. If you're going to rage out, scream, yell, insult, or be what we call a douche bag don't join. We're not a competetive gaming league yet, we're simply here to play our games.
  • 4: Don't feel committed, because you aren't. We're committed to moderating the discussions and setting up events attendance isn't mandatory but all are welcome.

That's pretty much it folks, we're creating a safe environment for you to come play your games whatever your taste may be. This is a community hosted by yours truly to encourage gamers from all over the world to jump on board. Feel free to join the group and we'll see you online!

Watch live video from bigshinyrobot on TwitchTV

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