Tower defense if done right can be an absolute blast, tower defense with multi-player is the exact description of done right in my mind. 11 Bit Studios announced yesterday that you can now officially pre-order their new competetive tower defense title Anomaly 2 on Steam, their website, or other digital outlets. The game will cost $14.99 but those that pre order through Steam or 11 Bit directly will receive a free copy to gift to a friend or "hoard selfishly", and even better if you reserve through the Anomaly Website, will receive an additional gift.

Mechs Vs Alien Snake Thingy

The few features that caught my eye on this one are:

  • Troops that transform into war mechs

  • Stunning visuals

  • Tower defense vs. tower defense mechanic, play as the towers stopping the humans or lead the humans to annihilate alien towers

  • The trailer had 80s rock in it

It's going to cost you a wopping $7.50 if you split it with a friend, and you can play it with the Big Shiny Robot Steam Group!!!, Check out the trailer below:


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