Sometimes being a girly girl geek has its bonuses. Well, all the time it does, because that's awesome, but sometimes it has bonuses that you get to share with everyone.

Picture it: It's a gloomy Saturday morning, and your trolling your favorite private shopping sites for discounted McQ and instead you stumble on this.

I'm sorry, did the site that usually offers me Urban Decay and ridiculously expensive baby clothes just show me some Marvel art? Yes. Yes they did, and they are selling an amazing lot of art for up to 80% off. Here is a fraction of what is up for grabs:

I Am An Avenger #5 framed and signed? Don't mind if I do!

Last Man Standing holy crap that's awesome.

Defenders: Strange Heroes. COME ON, they have Defenders art!!

And lastly, if anyone wants to buy this for me, I'm just sayin', it has pretty much all my favorite characters and just... Wow.

The cons? You do have to be a site member to make purchases. But the pros? I don't think you have to be invited anymore, and also I'm sorry did you see that art? It's amazing. Just pop over to Gilt to start adding to your collection.


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