Getting us ready for the 2013 lightsaber relay from Skywalker Ranch to Comic Con, the Nerdist brings us a webseries for Course of the Force!

With less than two months to go for the second annual Course of the Force lightsaber relay prior to Comic Con in San Diego, Nerdist Industries has kicked off a six-part webseries to help promote the relay that supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In the first episode 'Lightsaber's Lost', Nerdist's Matt Mira goes to Lucasfilm to pick up this year's lightsaber, only to find that it has been stolen, and has to report in to Chris Hardwick, who's busy playing with his action figures. Also, R2-D2 quotes Office Space, does a Borat impression, and dances like Justin Timberlake.

The 2013 Course of the Force relay will be headed from Skywalker Ranch all the way to San Diego from July 9 to July 16. Will Matt Mira retrieve the missing lightsaber in time? Is he really our only hope? (Hint: There is a another, if Wil Wheaton is available). New webisodes will appear every Tuesday from now until July 2, and are written by Saturday Night Live writers.

In other Course of the Force news, all of the relay spots for the San Francisco and the Pacific Beach to San Diego legs of the relay have been filled, and they are now taking a waitlist for those two sections. Sponsor Otter Pops is giving away a free spot in the relay to someone willing to show their Otter Pop pride!

I participated in the inaugural Course of the Force relay last year, and had a blast, so if you're planning on being on the West Coast in July, sign up!

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