Kevin Kiner, the Emmy nominated composer from The Clone Wars, took time to talk to me and Tha Mike Pilot for the Full of Sith podcast and he talked of many things.

He spoke of his process working on the episodes, what work he has coming up, his favorite pieces of John Williams music, and he also had some choice things to say about the bonus content of The Clone Wars.

He intimated that he had at least 10 episodes left to work on to finish out the series and release of a soundtrack...

"We have about ten shows that we're still working on that are going to be part of the special material. And even, hopefully, there's going to be a soundtrack record as a part of this special material... They're in negotiations about that so we're not positive that's going to happen."

This isn't an official confirmation, but it's pretty close.

He also told some great stories about working directly with George Lucas and Dave Filoni and discussed his first experiences with Star Wars.

It was a great interview.

Head over to Full of Sith to listen to the full episode.

Here's the complete show notes:

Mike and Bryan get the chance to speak to the Emmy nominated composer for The Clone Wars, Kevin Kiner. He talks about his first experiences with Star Wars, John Williams, his method for scoring the show, and what it’s like to work with Dave Filoni and George Lucas. He also gave teases about what was to come on The Clone Wars and his hopes for Star Wars: Rebels.

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