It wasn't even two days ago that I was talking about the "lost" episodes with a couple of friends. I was mentioning how sad I was that there were some Hartnell and Troughton episodes I would likely never see - and it's important that I do, regardless of how difficult those episodes can be. Each version of the Doctor is important to the one that came next. I remember watching Four and Five on PBS when I was wee, and grew up with the Doctor. I missed all of Eight, and rejoined in with Nine. Well, Nine.2, maybe. Whatevs, I still don't know how I feel about that.

At any rate, I started typing this article in the interest of breaking the good news to you: allegedly 90 of the missing 106 episodes have been found. Allegedly. I was planning on writing this heartfelt article about being reconnected to half a century of fandom, and being excited to see the original Ice Warriors episodes, and all that awesome stuff but instead I did this. I really have no excuse. It's possible I need a larger social circle, or maybe or maybe to just let up on the Time Lord Customs and Culture class I conduct in my head. Regardless, I present to you an indexed list of every classic Who episode, how you can watch it, and whether or not it may have resurfaced. Check in every so often, as I plan on adding trivia and short reviews.

But for now, I'm really tired now. I think I'll go to bed and stream The Pyramids of Mars.

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