If what the Daily Dot reports is true, this is the most ridiculous example of trolling with a purpose the internet has ever seen.

About three years ago, Pronunciation Book popped up on YouTube as an inconspicuous ESL guide (which, after perusing the old "lessons," is pretty damn hilarious because "Enjolras."). And then about two weeks ago, Pronunciation Book got wonky. Observe:


These are only two of the most recent videos. First off, let me say that had I stumbled upon this channel before reading the Daily Dot article I probably would have lost my shit and gone with Zombie Apocalypse or Mark Z Danielewski publicity stunt (both would have excited me equally). But since I came to the channel via their article, I - and now you - are some of the select few that realize these are "Battlestar Galactica" references.

Many BSG projects have been fruitless in the years since the show's end. There have been interim projects planned, tales of New Caprica, stories between "Caprica" and "BSG"... but nothing has really panned out.

Until, possibly, hopefully oh-god-I-need-dis-please-let-this-be-a-thing now. Click here to read the Dot's article, but please be aware that there are unavoidable spoilers, and if you haven't finished a watch of the show, I strongly encourage you to not join in the theories until you have done so. Spoiler free is the way to be.

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