That's right folks, why evolve when you can mega evolve?!?! Pokemon announced 3 new Mega Evolutions today to crank up the excitement for Pokemon X and Y. The evolution will be possible with unreleased conditions for the different Pokemon as long as they're holding their Mega stone. For example Mega Mewtwo will evolve under certain conditions while holding mewtwonite,(or whatever he stone is named). The following youtube video released via the Pokemon channel shows the announcement of the three new Mega Pokemon as well as the already announced group.

In the images below from the normal Pokemon is on the left and its mega evolution is on the right, the three new Mega Pokemon are:

Absol also has the same photos for the earlier announced Mega Pokemon which can be seen below in the same format, normal on the left, mega on the right. It is important to note that the mega stone required for Blazikens' evolution won't be available through normal gameplay.


The video also announces that starting October 12, there will be an online distribution of a Torchic holding a mega stone! I can only assume it will be for use with the Torchic to eventually get you Mega Blaziken!

Without much more rambling we can simply say that October 12 is shaping up to be quite the release day!!!

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