So, the other bots (and my coworkers and friends) keep sending me all the new promo images from "Thor: The Dark World." I am sure they all chuckle as they think that one day I will be reduced to a quivering pile of goo, or at the very least a kneeling fangirl. My latest case of the vapors arrived with this image:

Let's all sit and blink quietly for a few moments, shall we?

I know I'm a broken record on this, but I love love LOVE that Marvel is keeping a lid on the Malekith imagery. Too often in recent years a movie's high point will be included in all of the nineteen trailers that hit for a blockbuster release. But Thor's Big Bad remains relatively mysterious. Instead they've focused on the action, the secondaries that everyone loves (WHAT UP, Heimdall and Sif!), a little hint of a triangle between Sif, Jane, and Thor (do not want), and of course our favorite Trickster.

Oh, and apparently there are new promo images for Thor, too... Whatever, I don't know.

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