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Nintendo announced this morning they will be releasing the Nintendo 2DS. Basically it will play
3DS games in 2D and be cheaper! Releasing October 12, 2013 for $129.99 the 2DS looks very different from its predecessor. It is one piece, doesn't fold, and yet houses two screens. This thing is definitely differently designed from its previous iterations. I want to say it looks slim, sexy, chic, but that's a lie. It looks like an oddly shaped square with 2 screens. Will it be a great way for people to get into 3DS for a more palpable price? Absolutely. Will it, however, win design awards for style and antiquity, I say nay. The key for me will be an insane amount of internal memory, no more SD cards! Give us 128 GB of gaming freedom Nintendo!! WE DEMAND IT! October 12 will be the day of reckoning, do you think Nintendo has released another Holiday bomb shell? Or simply a bomb?

Here is the introduction video from Nintendo themselves:

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