You know him and love him from Mythbusters but he’s a huge fan of Star Wars. Adam Savage talked with me about his convention experiences, Dragon Con, the power of fandom, the trajectory of his career, and his first experience with Star Wars. We also talked about the importance of digging deeper in things and what makes passionate fan communities important.

Perhaps the biggest news to drop?

Adam Savage wants his R2-D2 to be in Star Wars: Episode VII:

After a long discussion about the meaning of building and how important the Artoo unit that Adam built is to him and to his growth and development, I asked him the following:

Bryan Young: So it's really hip for journalists to ask people if they want to be in the new Star Wars movie, but I'm going to ask a builder, would you want your Artoo unit in the new Star Wars movie?

Adam Savage: I would love my Artoo unit in the new Star Wars movie. It hadn't occured to reach out to JJ and ask, but shit, now that you mention it, I totally will. That would be awesome.

Adam will appear at Dragon Con in Atlanta this week, where he'll be performing his Mythbusters live show. You can get more details about that here.

You can listen to the whole interview on the Full of Sith podcast.

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