I didn't evolve into a heavy gamer as my parents may have expected, I would rather play Mario Kart over Call of Duty any day, but one franchise I've stuck with my entire life is TMNT I've played every incarnation I could get my hands on. They've all been good enough, but...

I'll cut right to the chase, I'm geeking out.

If my childhood self would have found a lamp, I would have asked Shaquille O'Neal for this game.

It has everything I ever hoped for when it comes to a Turtles gamine experience.

Stylistically it looks fantastic. The aesthetic of the turtles is loosely based on the current Nickelodeon show (if you aren't watching it, check it out, I'd bet you'll like it) but was made to look a bit darker, a little edgier. The good people at Red Fly Games were clear that they were aiming more toward the old school fan with hints at the comic books and movies from the 80's and 90's.
Your chosen character moves fluidly, grinding and flipping down rails and over structures. Each turtle has special moves specific to them and their personality.

There is a solo mission available but I'm more excited that finally..... FINALLY.... there is four player co-op, so you and a few friends can fight over your favorite turtle and give shell to the Shredder.

Out of the Shadows sits well below your average game price point at a measly $14.99, save the rest of your money for pizza and hide in your room for a couple of days, evil doesn't fight itself.

P.S. Mikey break dances.

Warning- Listening to Vanilla Ice while playing is not recommended.

TMNT- Out of the Shadows dropped for Xbox and PC today and hits the Playstation Network September 24.

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