Hot on the heels of learning that the Paul Bettany rumor was just that, we learned that Marvel announced Emmy winner James Spader will play the Avengers' newest and biggest cinematic foe, Ultron.

Well this is just awesome.

James Spader is one of those quiet badasses who gained recent recognition after his stint on surprise hit "Boston Legal." Some called it a "comeback" for the actor, but he never really disappeared. His career is one that in a pinch is unremarkable, but when you think on it for just a couple seconds you realize what an amazing actor this guy is. "Two Days in the Valley" is a cult hit that you should probably watch immediately if you haven't seen it. "Less Than Zero" - ultimate "The Brat Pack is Growing Up" movie (RDJ is a bisexual coke addict prostitute!), "Stargate" is awesome (whatever don't even hate) and... can we just talk about "Secretary"? Yeah.

So there have been more than a couple great villains in his resume, but my all time favorite?

Blaine, king of the scumbags. Molly Ringwald will have none of your sass, Blaine!!

What are your thoughts, friends? Sound off in the comments and make sure you stayed tuned - Citizenbot hopes to get a quote from none other than Denny Crane (SHATNER!) this afternoon.

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