Pax Prime is now 15% complete and the BSR team hit the Indie Mega Booth...HARD! The fourth Indie Megabooth dominates the PAX Prime 2013 show floor, containing more than 80 games from nearly as many different developers. The actual numbers are in flux, but the full list currently contains 84 games from 78 studios. That includes the Megabooth itself as well as the Indie Minibooth, a subsection of the area that will offer more than 25 games from tiny, lesser-known indie teams. Today we were able to get our hands on Aztez, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Legend Of Dungeon, Apotheon, Jungle Rumble, Dragons Of Elanthia, World Zombination among others. We will be posting many POST PAX interviews after this weekend. So far, we have been impressed with the side scrolling indie action game, Apotheon. The artwork gave the impression of an ancient greek vase that rotated as the character moved. The placement of the in game map made it easier to navigate the character around (not to say this game is 'easy' by any measure) and everything about it just felt original. You should be available to play this one on PC by the end of the year.

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