The only thing that pleases me more than Tom Hiddleston with Cookie Monster is Tom Hiddleston with one of my all time favorite directors. Well, check. Mr. Hiddleston will replace the amazing Benedict Cumberbatch, who left the picture earlier this year (no specific reason has been sited for his departure). 

Not many details are clear about "Crimson Peak" just yet, but we do know it's del Toro's return to horror and will also feature Mia Wasikowska, Charlie Hunham, and Jessica Chastain. The film takes place in a rural location in northern England, and del Toro himself has called the film as "kinky, gothic, and scary." Cue kmc1138's devious look.

Crimson Peak is a much, much, much smaller movie, completely character-driven. It’s an adult movie, an R-rated movie, pretty adult.  Shockingly different from anything I’ve done in the English language. Normally, when I go to do a movie in America for the spectacle and younger audience, for Blade or whatever. This movie’s tone is scary and it’s the first time I get to do a movie more akin to what I do in the Spanish movies.

But shed not a tear, Cumbercollective. The Man with the Most British Name Ever has no fewer than seven projects on the shelf, we get Smaug and the Battle of Five Armies in the next couple years, and hopefully season three of Sherlock before I am senile. 

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