I've always said that as far as the first tier Marvel movies, "Captain America" is by far the best - if you are coming from a purely technical view. It's kind of like when I say "'The Godfather' is the greatest movie ever made, but it's not my favorite movie." Just go with it, OK? "Iron Man" was more fun than I had had at the movies in a very long time, but something about it was just too shiny. So "Thor" has really always been my favorite. I love fantasy films, and that's really what the Thor 'verse is. It's pretty with lots of castles and myths and giants. Oh my. 

The extended trailer has dropped, and smartly the studio has not included a giant reveal. There are only minimal additions from the last trailer (one more shot of Malekith and an excellent scene with Freya). It just hit me how close the release date is, and I realized that after "Pacific Rim" this is definitely my most looked forward to movie of 2013. 

What say you, friends and neighbors? Going to a midnight show or just catching it opening weekend?

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