The screen shots for the Attack on Titan 3DS Game by the development company “Spike Chunsoft” just hit the internet yesterday and well... Alright let’s talk.

Like a lot of people I've jumped on the Attack on Titan bandwagon, why? Because the show is fantastic! It's easily the most original thing to hit Anime in years and in an industry that is criticized for being stagnant and constantly self-duplicating, it's a welcome sight in comparison to things like Sword Art Online Season 2, good lord did that suck!

So not only am I happy to be on the wagon, I'll pull that damn thing with my teeth! Alright enough of my rambling, let’s take a look at the game.

Maybe this is just an early build?

"Spike Chunsoft will ship the game in Japan on December 5 for 6,090 yen (about US$61)" -

Damn it...

This has Shovelware written all over it. Despite the Colossal Titan looking ok-ish.. the texture quality of the other Titans and environments look horrendous!

Let’s make a little comparison shall we? On the right we have a screen shot from the Attack on Titan 3DS, and on the left we have Spawn: in the Demons Hand, for the Dreamcast...

Why in holy hell does a 12 year old game for the Dreamcast of all things look better than this game? Why?! I'm not even being unfair for Spawn, is a middle of the road 3D boss rush game with a four player support just like this game advertises to be. But it doesn’t even have the grace to at least look on par with something this out of date?

I can only imagine what the controls feel like. Probably like a hook-shot flying through ruff cut soggy bacon…

I know I'm harping on the visuals but the real question is why wasn't this cel-shaded? The Anime has a unique style with thick lines and blended colors that resembles the manga. So why wasn't this style duplicated with cel-shading? Graphics better than the Dreamcast is something the 3DS is more than capable of delivering, or perhaps they’re plaing to port this game to the bloody Ouya!

Spike Chunsoft is also developing the browser based game Attack on Titan: Wings of Counterattack. This also looks to be a quality waste of my time. It seems AOT is in great hands, we get two shoddy games from this company this year, not just one!

This is an automatic pass… and this is coming from the guy who pre-ordered the Chibi Titan play set off of Crunchyroll. Why do I have more faith in the fan made Attack on Titan game? Why is my foreshadowing for my next post so clumsy? Only time will tell.

This has been Gax and if you want to see me bitch like a fan boy about more Anime Shovelware games that nobody will play, you can follow me on twitter: @Gax-bot

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