Marvel is known for giving us little snippets of what is to come in future movies in their after credit scenes. Whether it was a glimpse of Thor's hammer, the Cosmic Cube, an Avengers teaser, or Thanos, we've always been treated to something fun that is to come.

Well according to a recent post on the Agents of SHIELD Facebook, we can look forward to some of the same in this week's episode:

Be sure to stay until the end of the credits on Tuesday. In true Marvel fashion, you never know what might happen. #SHIELD084

I'm pretty sure this will have little to do with what will take place in the upcoming Marvel films, but with the Thor: The Dark World being released in less than two months, you never know.

This may be nothing more than Marvel and ABC looking to drive viewership, but here's hoping that whatever this scene has to reveal will be as much fun as the Agents of SHIELD has been so far.

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