Photo: SK Telecom T1

In a sweeping victory against China's Royal Gaming, the Korean team SK Telecom T1 dominated the best of 5 series 3-0. SKT featuring: piglet, poohmandu, faker, bengi, and impact, started this tournament as somewhat of an underdog; but quickly became a dominant force, ending the last match of the series in a short 20 minutes. Before April of this year faker, bengi and piglet had never played on a professional team. This newly formed group came out of the gates showing complete dominance. Even with only 6 months of pro play under his belt piglet was able to sustain an 11.5 kda in the finals.. In an interview during the after show faker explained his feelings on the win. "I really put in a lot of effort to come this far, and it's surreal to me that the day is today."

Today is going to be the most memorable day of my life. 

Royal Gaming featuring MikakoTabe, Uzi, Lucky, Godlike, and Wh1t3zZ started the series strong barely losing the first match, and mounting a partial comeback in the second before succumbing quickly to SKT in the 3rd match. When asked what is next for team SKT faker and piglet said the team was headed back to Korea to practice. No rest for champions i suppose.

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