Being surprised by a story is one of the true joys in life. I’m not talking about having seen parts of a trailer spoil some of a movie, or an accidental comment on a social media thread spoiling a television show you’ve yet to watch off of the DVR. No, I’m talking about enjoying a story totally new to you in every way. That’s the thrill I had during my read of the new graphic novel, UXB, from Dark Horse.

Colin Lorimer is the sole storyteller behind the beautifully dark UXB. The tale is a unique spin on the old apocalypse trope. As the world crumbles around three brothers, their father will stop at nothing to insure their safety during the end. They’re prisoners who, for their own safety, are trapped in an underground bunker near the heart of London. They spend their days playing with the latest VR video games, movies and pornography only to later be subjected to testing for a new kind of high tech body armor. The body armor’s sole purpose is to protect the children through the coming war, but like any great adventure, that’s not all there is to it. Will their body armor be their salvation, damnation, or is it just another layer to their gilded cage?

Lorimer’s art will pull you into his world and his story will leave you wanting more. He has published some parts of this story in Dark Horse presents, and other parts on the web, but this is the first published collection of UXB. It comes in a wonderful hardcover with never before seen pages that will leave you stunned and horrifed. It's another release by Dark Horse with perfect timing for the season.

Pick up UXB from your local comic book store and you’ll see that the enjoying something you never thought of before is a true joy. If the preview pages here aren't enough to convince you, check out the additonal art over at his blog If you'd like some more inforomation about the story in 140 characters or less, go ahead and tweet me @MarkAvo.

Writer: Colin Lorimer
Artist: Colin Lorimer
Cover Artist: Colin Lorimer
Genre: Science-Fiction, Fantasy
Publication Date: October 09, 2013
Format: FC, 136 pages; HC, 7” x 10”
Price: $19.99

UXB PreviewUXB Preview 1UXB Preview 2

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