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“Peacekeepers” does a great job of riding the highs of last week and taking them higher. We even  see new characters shine and are left with a cliff-hanger.


Now that the Water Tribes are in the middle of a civil war Korra and team head back to Republic City. During a peaceful protest against the Northern Water Tribe a bomb goes off in the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center. Mako is front and center for the bomb and after fire bending the explosion around him, (in a word ‘sweet’!) we see his potential as a character for the season.

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While Korra and the rest of the city blame the Northern Water Tribe, Mako doesn’t believe it could be them. His opinion however leads yet another fight with Korra, which ends in their break-up. This is the best or worst thing depending on whom you talk to.

This break up is the perfect mechanism to move the characters story forward.

Korra’s path is leading her closer to the Spirit World, a place that Mako could never hope to go. Whereas Mako’s path is keeping him grounded here on earth. This investigation only has good places to go.

We also get to meet President Raiko in this episode. He agrees with Mako about the Water Tribes innocence and though he refuses to send troops, helps negotiate a diplomatic solution. Korra is upset and decides to take matter into her hands. Now I think that the President is in cahoots with Unalaq. Simply because everyone else thinks it was also the North who planted the bomb so why shouldn’t the President? Because he’s evil that’s why! Only time will tell, but you know I’m right. 

To balance out the heavy stuff in the episode we have Bolin and Meelo. Bolin and Varrick hit the town and Varrick shows him the “real” Republic City at night. Meelo has caught his lemur Pokey and started training him (making him a Pokey Trainer…) Tenzin steps in and shows him the “right” way to train a lemur and he ends up “catching them all.”  I hope you’re ready to see Meelo as the lemur king, because it is happening folks. 

REVIEW: (Spoiler Free)

Overall the episode was great. From the scheming to the break up it kept me enthralled. Props to Mako for having the stones to break up with The Avatar! Though getting his desk air kicked across room was as Lin Beifong put it “getting off easy.” We also got to see some an awesome bending fight between Korra and her cousins Eska and Desna as The Avatar is heading to the Fire Nation. This fight was particularly different because it all took place on the ocean surface. Then you add in the giant evil spirit, Unalaq sent which I think or it’s just a giant coincidence that the spirit finds Korra the same time the twins do. The episode ending with Korra almost “spirit bending” the demon into submission and instead being swallowed whole was a great way to finish it and admittedly not something I saw coming. Now the question remains is Korra in the Spirit World or will she bust out of the foes belly and resume her trip to the Fire Nation?


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I have to end with a nod towards the writers for the last two episodes. Though Tenzin’s story arcs with his kids are short we get to really see who the real Tenzin is by the lessons he teaches and learns from his kids. Last week was Ikki and this week was Meelo. To me the way Tenzin feels about being a Air Bending Master is summed up when his son whispers sadly, “being the alpha lemur is lonely.” To this Tenzin replies “I know…” I think Tenzin regrets how hard he was on Korra and vows to fix it when he tells Meelo to forget about training and just go play instead. Though none of this is spoon feed to us I think that is where the genius in the writing really shines.

Sidenote: if you have heard that the time Korra will air has changed Nickelodeon has confirmed via their Twitter that "The Legend of Korra" season 2 will remain on Fridays, but will air at 8:30 pm EST instead of 7:00 pm EST.

Can’t wait for next week!

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