Another villain character has been revealed for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. What would a Marvel universe game be without an adorably blocky Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing? This misshapen AIM baddie should be great fun to bash on when the game releases October 22nd for current-gen and at launch for next-gen.

LEGO Modok

Rockstar posted a patch update for Grand Theft Auto Online on Friday. It seems to have addressed many of the most common issues that arose during the tutorial missions, but it doesn’t seem to have affected the capacity problems. Personally, I was able to log a few hours on the PS3 version Friday. The character creation is tragically bad but I was able to create someone I wouldn’t be ashamed of representing me. Further tweaking could be done, but I wanted to play, not cycle through grandparents. After the initial race sequence I experienced a few glitches, hilariously spawning in my car about 30 feet above the exact same car beneath me that I then destroyed by landing on it. I also had a cut scene end early without giving me the mission. As I drove away, my car disappeared from around me and the whole world glitched out. Just as I was thinking of resetting, the cut scene started again, this time with three other players. Those three were clearly just as confused as me. Clearly testing the controls, they started randomly shooting out the car windows as I drove us away. One of them in the back seat even bailed out of the car as I careened us through traffic. We eventually completed the mission and delivered some drugs. I had a few more minor glitches, and had difficulty buying some clothes while the store was being robbed by another player. I did get into a match-making series where I tried out some deathmatch variations (just as stupid as death match always is – sorry, just my opinion, co-op is a far better use of multiplayer than killing everyone you meet) and some racing. My favorite was a figure-8 motorcycle race on the runways at Los Santos International. Unfortunately, I was not able to join any heists or big co-op missions beyond just delivering a package of drugs. My game eventually froze while loading a bicycle race and I went back to finish the single-player (Option C: Death Wish, because I felt like that’s what Franklin’s character would really choose). Later attempts to join the online over the weekend were met with connection failures. I plan to try it a little more this week. If I can’t get in, or it doesn’t get a lot more fun, I’m selling this one next week while it’s still worth a little something.

GTA Online

Shuhei Yoshida of Sony Worldwide Studios recently spoke about the upcoming PlaySation App for iOS and Android. Beyond the expected “second screen” gaming, the app looks to be a more pervasive access point for PS4 and PSN, particularly the store and your Friends. The app will send voice and text messages, as well as game invites. You can access the PSN Store from your phone or tablet, and even “push” purchases to your PS4 so they’ll start downloading and be ready to play whenever you are. While big developers, like Ubisoft, can create their own app for Watch Dogs, “smaller developers can use PlayStation App to connect to PS4 and load an application, like drawing software for example, so that you don’t have to download and install a specific app on your smartphone.” I like this idea that an indie developer, who doesn’t have resources to make their own app, has a secondary platform they can use for more limited development. Of course, time will tell if this new resource is one that devs, or players, actually want to use.

NetherRealm and Armature Studio have finally confirmed what foreign retail sites and ratings boards have been saying for months, Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition is coming soon for PlayStation Vita. This version will include the main game with all characters and DLC released to date. But it’s not just Vita; this bundle will be coming for PS4, XB1, and PC as well. It’s also coming for PS3 and XBox 360, so you can get the full kit if you’ve waited this long anyway. Look for this on November 12th for all those consoles that are already available, then at launch for PS4 and XB1.

Ultimate Injustice

You’re PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection update this week is Team ICO’s Shadow of the Colossus. This looks like the perfect time to go back to this classic and finally give it the attention it’s needed since the original PS2 release. Today also marks the countdown on your last chance to get Saints’ Row the Third for free via IGC; it’s leaving next week. Don’t forget, this month is also a great time to buy or renew a PS+ membership for $50 and get yourself $10 back next month.

United Front Games has confirmed that they are working on a sequel to Sleeping Dogs, which was a bit of a surprising hit last year. Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars is in early development now, so we have no details and no release window yet. We don’t even know which consoles will be getting the game, though it’s probably safe to assume PS4 and XB1 are on the list.

Ubisoft has detailed what you’ll be getting in the Season Pass for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. First up is an extra three hours of gameplay through nine missions in the “Freedom Cry” DLC. This portion will star the Jackdaw's Quartermaster, Adewale. The former slave turned Assassin is shipwrecked without weapons or crew and must fight to free a band of slaves. The exclusive “Kraken Ship Pack” is also included, providing players with additional personalization for their ship. More DLC will be coming later, including single-player mission, weapons, skins, items, and multiplayer maps. The Season Pass will be available at launch for $19.99, a 20% discount over buying the pieces separately. Also, don’t forget that Aveline will also be available to play, but only on PlayStation consoles.

And that's all for the early edition this week. Come back on Friday for another recap of this week's top news. If all goes well, I should have some more time with GTA Online to review with a little more depth.

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