At New York Comic Con Marvel Comics announced more All-New Marvel Now! books coming to spinner racks near you this winter. The titles include current talents Brian Michael Bendis, Dan Slott, Rick Remender, Johnathan Hickman, Kelly-Sue DeConnick and Sam Humphries. The exciting news is that there are some new creators getting to play in the Marvel U that should bring some fresh perspectives to some older characters. Creators like Nathan Edmondson, Ales Kot, Felipe Smith, and Al Ewing.

Edmondson, who is a more than competent writer for spy and military genre books like The Activity and Who is Jake Ellis?, will be writing Black Widow #1 and an all new Punisher #1. He proved his Punisher chops with a one and done issue #4 of Untold Tales of Punisher Max in 2012. Edmondson will be matched up with his creator owned The Activity artist Mitch Gerads for Punisher and fan favorite Phil Noto on Black Widow.

Ales Kot will be matched with Garry Brown on Iron Patriot #1. Kot, fresh off the launch of his creator owned series Zero, and Brown, with his spectacular cover art for Incorruptible, should certainly create a visually interesting take on the Iron Patriot.

Al Ewing’s critical success on The Mighty Avengers is going to be writing about Kid Loki in Lokie: Agent of Asgard. His books are always a bit of fun mixed with high adventure. Felipe Smith, a manga style artist with art appearances on many DC and Boom books will be writing an all new Ghost Rider title artist Tadd Moore. Here is the official list of titles announced at New York Comic-Con by Marvel Comics followed by some lovely cover art. Let me know what you think in the comments or on Twitter @MarkAvo.

All-New Ghost Rider #1
By Felipe Smith (Writer) & Tradd Moore (Artist)
March 2014

All-New X-Factor #1
By Peter David (Writer) & Carmine DiGiandomenico (Artist)
January 2014

All-New X-Men #22.NOW (=All-New X-Men #1 in All-New Marvel NOW!)
By Brian Michael Bendis (Writer) & Stuart Immonen (Artist)
January 2014

Avengers A.I. #8.NOW (=Avengers A.I. #1 in All-New Marvel NOW!)
By Sam Humphries (Writer) & Andre Araujo (Artist)
January 2014

Avengers Undercover #1
By Dennis Hopeless (Writer) & Kev Walker (Artist)
March 2014

Avengers World #1
By Jonathan Hickman (Writer), Nick Spencer (Writer) & Stefano Caselli (Artist)
January 2014

Black Widow #1
By Nathan Edmondson (Writer) & Phil Noto (Artist)
January 2014

Captain America #16.NOW (=Captain America #1 in All-New Marvel NOW!)
By Rick Remender (Writer), Pascal Alixie (Artist) & Nic Klein (Artist)
February 2014

Captain Marvel #1
By Kelly-Sue DeConnick (Writer) & David Lopez (Artist)
March 2014

Elektra #1
By Zeb Wells (Writer) & Mike Del Mundo (Artist)
March 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy #11.NOW (=Guardians of the Galaxy #1 in All-New Marvel NOW!)
By Brian Michael Bendis (Writer) & Sara Pichelli (Artist)
January 2014

Iron Patriot #1
By Ales Kot (Writer) & Garry Brown (Artist)
April 2013

Loki: Agent of Asgard #1
By Al Ewing (Writer) & Lee Garbett (Artist)

New Warriors #1
By Christopher Yost (Writer) and Marcus To (Artist)
February 2014

Punisher #1
By Nathan Edmondson (Writer) & Mitch Gerads (Artist)
February 2014

Savage Wolverine 14.NOW (=Savage Wolverine #1 in All-New Marvel NOW!)
By Richard Isanove (Writer & Artist)
January 2014

Secret Avengers #1
By Ales Kot (Writer) & Michael Walsh (Artist)
March 2014

Silver Surfer #1
By Dan Slott (Writer) & Mike Allred (Artist)
March 2014

Superior Spider-Man 27.NOW (=Superior Spider-Man #1 in All-New Marvel NOW!)
By Dan Slott (Writer) & Giuseppe Camunicoli (Artist)
February 2014

Thunderbolts 20.NOW (=Thunderbolts #1 in All-New Marvel NOW!)
By Charles Soule (Writer) & Carlo Barberi (Artist)
February 2014

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