Just in time to help us celebrate the release of Pacific Rim on blu-ray, we get word that Del Toro has started work on the sequel to one of the best movies of the summer.

During an interview with IGN, when asked on what to expect in Pacific Rim 2, Del Toro said:

No, we are writing the sequel. Travis Beacham and I are writing, so that is active. The decision to green light or not, that's definitely above my pay rate.

So while it's definitely good news that he's in the process, Warner and Lengendary need to get off their asses and greenlight the damn thing already! After all, with a worldwide gross of over $400 million (not even considering how much they'll make on blu-ray and DVD sales), it's not as if they won't break even or see a profit despite the high production and marketing costs. And now that we have an established world, characters and mythology that people have become familiar with, a sequel would hopefully be a bigger draw than the first time around.

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