Image Comics announced Friday that they will be publishing another creator owned title this January. Egos is a sci-fi story that sounds like a meta-textual take on Galactus. The writer, Stuart Moore, has a long history with the comics industry. Moore has been a writer of many paper-back versions of comics stories like Civil War, runs on Namor and Firestorm, as well as being an editor on modern classics such as Preacher. The co-creator Gus Storms is the artist on Egos. His history is as a contemporary comic book artist has been closely tied to sci-fi books. His style is almost a combination of Tony Moore and Nick Pitarra with a little Matt Hollingsworth, but when you see his work you’ll know his style is clearly his own.

The timing of the release of this new book is similar to their announcement earlier last week about Kirkman and  Azaceta’s new horror project Outcast. Image continues to be the place for creators. Their #WhatsNext campaign really does make one wonder, what’s next? If you're looking for more information for Egos be sure to pick up Saga #15 for a preview at the end of that book. You can pre-order Egos #1 now with an expected publication date of January 15, 2014. Until then, check out some wonderful preview art by Gus Storms and what other creators in the industry are saying about Egos.

"I've known Stuart Moore since his days at Vertigo, and I always thought he was one of the very smartest minds in our industry. I'm delighted that he's writing a new book for my friends at Image, especially because EGOs is his best story yet."
-Brian K. Vaughan (SAGA, The Private Eye)

"Stuart Moore was one of comics' greatest editors precisely because he's a great writer. Everything he writes demands attention."
-Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Planetary)

"With EGOs, Stuart Moore's thoughtful writing style really comes into its own. I look forward to following this one as it develops—very highly recommended."
-Garth Ennis (Preacher, Fury MAX)

“EGOs sets up house at the junction of superhero stories and big-ideas sci-fi—then trashes the junction and builds its own huge, insane theme park.”
-Mike Carey (The Unwritten, Lucifer)

Images courtesy of Image Comics
Egos Preview 1
Egos Preview 2
Egos Preview 3
Egos Preview Cover

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