Hold on to your Triforce, Christmas is coming early this year.

If you haven't bought a 3DS XL yet or are thinking about picking one up this holiday season, you might want to wait and get this exclusive Gold-triforce edition bundled with Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, just leaked via an upcoming ad promoting Gamestop's Black Friday deals:

3DS XL bundle with A Link Between Worlds


Also pictured, a 3DS regular edition coupled with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and various other Nintendo games at their regular prices. 

This release makes a lot of sense, pairing with both the 25th anniversary of Zelda 3DS released previously and a similar gold-on-black Wii U paired with Windwaker HD. Obviously this has been enough of a sales driver on Nintendo's somewhat lackluster flagship home console that they'll use it to drive up sales of the best-selling handheld console out there.

I'll admit it-- it's time to replace my aging DS. And I've been meaning to upgrade to an XL for me and also get the kids a 2DS to play Pokemon and Animal Crossing so that I can spend more quality time on my 3DS. . . playing Pokemon and Animal Crossing.

And this looks super purdy.  I'm a sucker for the gold, as my only complaint with the previous Zelda 3DS was "Well, it's just a black 3DS with a triforce on it. I could buy one and add a sticker and get the same effect." This is the real deal Hyrule field with a completely different color option, plus -- Shiny!

And finally, a great pairing of games. A Link Between Worlds looks to take the fun and graphics/gameplay sensibilities of A Link to the Past and join it to Paper Mario and other 2D/3D puzzlers like Fez.

I'm sold. I'm sorry. I'm an addict and I'll get help. But only after getting this on pre-order at my local Gamestop (the good one-- you know, the one in Kyle, TX near the Target and Seton Hospital that always gets me my pre-orders. Not the bad one in San Antonio in University Heights that sold my Skylanders Dark Edition pre-order out from under me earlier this week, you stupid f@#$ers!)

Anyone else excited about this? 

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