MOVIES Coming Soon released nearly 15 minutes of B-Roll and behind the scenes footage of Thor: The Dark World October 17th. Most of the footage jumps around so it’s hard to get a timeline on anything but the sets look spectacular. Brian Tyler’s score is played during the footage, which at times feels out of place. The music though, only builds further anticipation for this film which is set to be released in 18 days at the time of this writing on November 8th, 2013. In the film, viewers can expect to see Thor battle an ancient race of Dark Elves lead by Melekith the Accursed. Thor: The Dark World is set after the Avengers film and is the second film in phase two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

MOVIES Coming soon has a collection of thousands of early looks at footage, extended spots and behind the scenes footage like the Thor: The Dark World footage below. The footage is the kind that those who don’t like to know anything about the film before seeing it should probably avoid. If you’re the paranoid type who is afraid this kind of video will spoil anything, fear not. The clips are very short and only tease plot points of the film. So, if you’re the adventurous type or if you like seeing behind the scenes clips of your favorite films, the video below will not disappoint.

Sound off in the comments about anything in the footage you were struck by, or send me a tweet @MarkAvo. I’d like to know what you thought.

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