Right now, many of us are either in line to pick up our PS4s or already home enjoying them (depending on your time zone), but that didn't stop Sony from releasing some big news via their All Access event tonight. No matter what kind of games you like, there was something for everyone.

First, we finally got a release date for the much anticipated "Infamous: Second Son" -- March 21, 2014. Second Son was one of the best looking games we got a glimpse of during the Sony E3 press conference, and while I'm sure all of us were hoping for it to be a launch game, I'm more than happy to let them spend a bit more time polishing it into the great game that it deserves to be. To whet our appetite, we were given a new trailer to enjoy:

Next up, we got a new look at Destiny by Bungie, the dev responsible for Halo. I've already registered for access to the beta which will be hitting the PS3 and PS4 first:

The Last of Us is one of the best games I've ever played and obviously in running for game of the year, and Naughty Dog gave us a peek at the new single player DLC:

Naughty Dog also included a teaser for the new Uncharted. Whether or not it will be a sequel or include Nathan Drake from the last three games has yet to be announced, but there are apparently more than a few hints as to how they plan to tie the games together in this trailer:

Finally, we got a look at the PS3/PS4 exclusive gameplay for MGS: Ground Zeroes wherein you will get to play as classic Snake from the bygone PS1 era:

As excited as I am to pick up my shiny new PS4, these hints as to what is to come (as well as additions to the best of the past) have me just as giddy!

Keep an eye on BSR for further news about these groundbreaking games and also first thoughts on the PS4 which will be coming tomorrow evening!

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