Nintendo drug gamers out of bed bright and early today to show us what titles are coming in early 2014 for the 3DS and WiiU. We are in what we here at Big Shiny Robot! call the affirming your purchase phase.  


Hyrule Warriors


Direct first opened with a trailer for “Hyrule Warriors” (Working Title). Developed by Techmo-Koei this Dynasty Warriors collaborative will feature our favorite swordsman from Hyrule vs. hordes of enemies. This game is exclusive to WiiU and releases in 2014.


Kirbys Triple Deluxe

Next we were given the title and two new game modes for the previously announced Kirby game. “Kirby’s Triple Deluxe” will be releasing next year and will feature a rhythm game titled “Dedede’s Drum Dash, and Kirby Fighters. Drum Dash will have you tapping and moving rhythmically to get Dedede across worlds to various tunes. Kirby fighters will allow you to test out different move copies against friends or an AI opponent in head-to-head combat.


Yoshi’s New Island


Produced by Takashi Tezuka, who also produced the original “Yoshi’s Island”, this will feature new eggs and abilities, and of course new levels. Nintendo would never just upscale and release a game right? This 3DS exclusive releases in Spring of 2014 for all you Mario heads out there.


Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder


Originally on Game Cube Chibi-Robo! was an absolute riot, so why not make an exclusive eShop game in 2014? This game features your bot trying to help Mr. Curator in restoring his museum. You do this by taking photos of NostalJunk a.k.a everyday stuff that people leave laying around, or use, and getting it displayed in the museum. You can check out the trailer below, and prepare to become the worlds most helpful robot. 



Pokemon Bank and Poketransfer


They’re still coming on December 27, (that’s ten days from now if you happened to fail calendar math). If you download the apps between Dec. 27th and Jan 1st you will be eligible for a 30 day free trial of the app, aaaaand, get a free Celebi! If anything it’s worth grabbing the legendary Pokemon to add to your collection. Subscriptions for this will run $4.99 per year for server maintenance and allow you to transfer Pokemon from the Black and White games, as well as Pokemon X and Y. This is the best deal of the year if you’re a Pokemon player.


NES Remix

Letting you play different levels from various Nintendo franchises, "NES Remix" lets you post scores to MiiVerse to challenge friends, or simpy beat a personal best. The game will feature levels from Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and more. Check ou tthe trailer below!


Bravely Default


Nintendo has been blasting us with information about the unique RPG coming to 3DS next year, and this months Direct was no different. Featuring a gameplay demo and announcement that you can download an exclusive demo for your system that will feature a side-story, that is available on January 2. The system we here at BSR! are most interested in is the sleep points. For every 8 hours your system is in standby mode you gain points that allow you to manipulate parts of combat. This encourages you to leave the game running, and I suppose take frequent breaks. Either way, it looks neat. 


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze


If you watched the abomination known as VGX, you would have seen that we are getting Cranky Kong as a playable character! Cranky and co will help you travel across various island to reclaim your tropical paradise from the evil “Snowmads”. You will be able to play as Donkey, Diddy, Dixie and Crankie in your wild, gorilla-packed adventure. These characters along with the new “Kong Pow” mechanic that is activated once you’ve collected 100 bananas Go forth and ride barrels. 



Sonic: Lost World DLC


Sonic: Lost World will be receiving 2 DLC packs very soon. The first is available immediately and happens to be free! This DLC pack puts Sonic through Yoshi’s Island themed levels, with his own flare of course. Nintendo did not announce what the second pack will be based on, but you can assume that it will involve a popular release from 2014.


Dr. Luigi


Why drop pills in a line when they can be L-shaped?! Dr. Luigi will be releasing December 31st on Nintendo eShop and will even include touch screen controls on your WiiU Game Pad. You can, of course, play like you did on classic Dr. Mario, but where is the fun in that. The game will feature online and side-by-side multi-player, and various single player difficulties. 


Wii Sports Club - Golf Is Available!

Golf for Wii Sports Club is now available and features everything promised during that first preview at E3 a few years ago. It also features the main Wii Sports level as well as a special level from the NES Golf game, that Iwata himself worked on more than twenty years ago. The game will allow you to see the ball on your game pad, and also preview the course before shooting. The game is available as a 24 hour free trial starting today and of course you can purchase it wiith cash money.


Rosalina and Luna in Super Smash Bros.


Keeping the characters rolling in one Direct at a time, Rosalina and Luna were announced as part of the Super Smash Bros. lineup. Originally featured in Super Mario Galaxy, and then in Mario Kart this duo will be playable, and seem to be formidable with some decent ranged attacks. Smash Bros is still slated for next year on 3DS and WiiU, we can only hope to see it sooner than later.


Mario Kart 8


Featuring an all new buggy mode, where your characters baby version can now race against the standard karts, or motorcycles. The new trailer was shown, and we can definitely say that it looks like a Mario Kart Game. Check it out!


So there you have it folks, Nintendo is sending a message that 2014 is the year of games. Hopefully your piggy bank is overflowing with coin to pick up all the releases they will be throwing at you. Unless you’re a hater, you aren’t a hater are you? You like to have fun yeah? Sound off below as to which game has you most excited, or maybe you hate Nintendo, tell us why?

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