I’ll be honest – this issue seemed like a filler episode. 

Don’t get me wrong, it was a good issue. It just felt like the writers were putting a bunch of pieces into place, setting up for some big reveal down the line. The fact is that we didn’t need any more backstory. And while the few pieces revealed about who I’m assuming is the Big Bad were interesting, we don’t even know if they were true. That’s the one downfall of having an omniscient Suzie as the occasional narrator. We know she’s dependable for the things she experienced; we know she’s dependable for the things she was told about, but what about the things that present-day Susie doesn’t know yet? Does the narrator version of the character exist way in the future, or is it just a staple of the series and readers shouldn’t question it? I feel like – and I’ve said this before – it worked in the beginning, but now it’s this weird, confusing appendage on an otherwise hilarious and surprisingly captivating story.

The writing is in fine form – I’d argue some of the best we’ve seen so far.

The jokes fly fast in the first few pages. The writing in general is in fine form – I’d argue some of the best we’ve seen so far – my favorite joke without question is Jon’s reaction after he gets punched in the face. It’s unfortunate that after such a great opening, it flashes back to Jon and Suzie planning their heists and it’s like the writer’s stopped having fun and really got to work. That’s not a bad thing, I’m very curious as to where all this is going, but there were significantly less moments in this issue that stood out in my mind than those that came before it. 

One piece of backstory we did find out about Suzie involved the one time she used her time-stopping power for vengeance. And in my continuing honesty, the attempt was a little heavy handed. I felt like they were trying a little too hard to make the guy Suzie messed with unlikeable.

So, is this issue worth reading? Yes. But only as a stop along the way to the end. I hope upcoming issues won’t press too hard on the plot gas pedal. I’ve been having way too much fun with these characters to have them keep speeding through the rest of their adventure.

Sex Criminals Issue 4 - by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky - is available here for the price of $3.50 or a digital price of $2.99, and is out now.

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