Here is a rumor we broke on the latest episode of the Full of Sith podcast. Through the normal channels of rumor-mongers, Bobby Roberts brings forth a name that has been bandied about behind the scenes but hasn't hit the main stream yet and we're the first to break the name here as a possibility. This came out in the same batch of news that brought us names like Benedict Cumberbatch. And, to be honest, it's my view that just about everyone is being talked to and about for a role in this film.

But the name is:

Judi Dench.

Playing Mon Mothma.

I haven't been able to confirm this independently, and it's just a rumor at this point, but this is what Bobby is hearing. And I believe it's what Latino Review has been hinting about all across twitter:


This could be a case of misinformation. It could be a case of people just talking out loud in the casting process. Or it could be a done deal. 

Personally, I'd love to see it. I think Mon Mothma could be a great character and has a perfect through-thread through the trilogies (at least if you take into account the deleted scenes of "Revenge of the Sith.")

If you want to listen to the entire episode of Full of Sith, check out the latest episode below, or at the website. The first half of the episode is dedicated to an interview with Joe Schreiber and his new book, "Maul: Lockdown." After that, we discuss all the latest rumors and Bobby drops the Judi Dench name on us.

Be sure to listen:


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UPDATE: Here are Bobby's exact words:

"Here's a rumor that I have heard from reliable sources. This hasn't hit yet, but I've checked with at least two or three different people behind-the-scenes, who have been dealing with this sort of info. The name I have heard about Star Wars: Episode VII that I hadn't even thought of until I heard this scuttlebutt, is Mon Mothma. Mon Mothma is going to be showing up in Episode VII, according to this rumor. What makes the rumor even crazier, even jucier, and even more enticing for me, should it come true, the name I've heard attached to Mon Mothma possibly showing up in Episode VII is Judi Dench. She is being looked at for Mon Mothma in Episode VII. That's the rumor I have heard. Whether that happens or not, I don't know."

This podcast hit on Saturday. Bobby has been hinting at it since 1/16, a full two days before El Mayimbe's tweets. 

This could absolutely be misinformation. We're following up trying to verify. Bobby is following up trying to verify. We're talking to other sites that are following up to verify. But to call this story nonsense is...well...nonsense. We're not reporting anything beyond what we've heard and have presented it as such.

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