Rosario Dawson recently confirmed to Den of Geek that she will be in Kevin Smith's upcoming "Clerks 3".

Smith intends to return to the Quick Stop for a third time and plans to have the picture out by November this year for the twentieth anniversary of the first flick.  According to the interview Smith recently confirmed with Dawson that she will reprise the role of Becky.

Presumably Dante and Randall will return (it can't very well be "Clerks" without them) and Smith has previously stated that he's written Elias into the story and has shared the script with Trevor Fehrman, the actor who played that character.

 This is no real surprise, Smith is known for bringing characters and actors back even just for cameos. "Clerks 2" saw the gang leave Mooby's and return to the Quick Stop as the new owners so presumably Dawson will pick up with the boys there.

Once upon a time Smith indicated that "Clerks 3" would be his final film, effectively opening and closing his career in the same place. Smith has threatened us with retiring before and I hope he never follows through. With "Tusk" on the horizon and "Clerks 3" just beyond it he doesn't seem to be slowing down right now.  In a recent episode of his podcast Smodcast, Smith indicated that he may never retire, but instead he remarked saying from now on "I'll only make movies that only I could make".

Dawson had no news otherwise regarding the production. When asked if the movie would make it's planned November release date she stated "Well, we haven’t shot it, so I don’t know if that’s possible."

Smith has also recently stated he's working on a script for a movie tentatively called "Holy Christ" about a vengeful returned Messiah. Smith is dream casting Russell Brand as the malevolent deity and seemed to think there would be no problem making that happen.

Both "Tusk" and "Holy Christ" are based on conversations Smith had on his Smodcast podcast. It seems at this point Smith is interested most in having a good time with those close to him and if a movie is born out of it so be it. It feels organic and unhindered by the expectations that haunted his earlier career. I'm excited to see what he does with this new freedom.

So welcome back Dawson, welcome back Anderson and O' Halloran, welcome back Fehrman, welcome back Smith and Mewes. Welcome back one and all.

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